One more sleep...


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
Then one last day at work followed by:

A pie and black pudding expedition to Boroughbridge and Darlington on Saturday
A 100km Audax on Sunday
A series of train rides to Germany starting Monday morning
A series of bar/cafe visits in Passau on Tuesday
A cycle ride to Budapest starting Wednesday.

Woop woop :wahhey:

And when I get back:

Several Audaxes and Towersey Folk Festival to see August out.

I like summer. It's my favourite day.


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold + Horace
Feeling a bit sick... I've got to be at work for the whole of August to cover for someone going to Australia for the whole month... roll on September!


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Enjoy the pies, audax and trip.

I'm stuck with a sore knee contemplating pulling out of the Big G event on Saturday for a gentle roll through the hills of S. E. Yorkshire.

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
I had to Google 'Audax' but the rest of it sounds great- enjoy!
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