One of those strange coincidences


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On my walk today I met a guy coming the opposite direction and said hello and we stopped and started chatting. This was in a pretty remote coastal area.

I was looking at him thinking that I had seen him before somewhere.

Then he asked if I came this way often before as he thought he remembered me. Then it came to me. Last August Bank Holiday weekend (so almost a year to the day) I had been cycling around the same area and had wild camped at the start of the hiking path when he arrived as I was pitching my tent and he had stopped to talk to me. He is from the Midlands and had rented the same holiday cottage that he had used the previous year.

After chatting for about half an hour on what we'd been doing for the past year, we parted with a cheery "Same place next year!" :laugh:


I was coming off a tram on my first visit to Hong Kong and bumped into someone I used to drink in a pub with growing up.


Then there are the times when you get that 'feeling', one time I was flying up the A1 on my bike a trip I'd done many times and this overpowering feeling I should pull over and look for another route. I did, only to find there had been a huge pile up not far from where I was that had happened around the time I would have been in the vicinity. Weird or coincidence? No idea.


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Some friends of mine from Birmingham were on holiday in the States and took a day trip to Niagra Falls.
Whilst they were admiring the view they heard someone calling their names. They ignored it because who could they possibly know out their? The name calling became persistant, until they turned around and were confronted with a couple who used to be their next door neighbours many years ago.
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