One sided panier


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Would this prove problematic? I need to carry a large towel and swimming bits. I don't want to ride with a rucksack, and the seat post lights would be interfered with otherwise. infact if you could suggest one even better!

Thanks in advance


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None what so ever. I ride with one pannier on my commute.


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I bought a pair of Orange Altura Night Vision panniers for my cyclocross commuter and only use one for commuting. It gets packed with spare clothing, bait box full of sarnies and a 1 litre stainless steel flask of coffee.
Gets used in all weathers and has never let in water, bright orange for daylight viz and plenty of reflective bits for night time shift work.
Even when packed full the bike never feels unbalanced.

The second pannier only gets used on holiday, usually to carry shopping between the supermarket and our campsites.


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I do it all the time and font notice even when it's got lots of paperwork in so I can barely lift it.... When I do notice is if I'm pushing it.

I agree I'm a right sided pannier person!


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Right side as it theoretically sticks out to make the drivers pass wide(r) .

I too use single and occasionally double panniers.
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