One week on from the move - how are we doing?


Well it's one week on from the forum switch-over - how are we doing?

I realise the layout needs some work, and once I've got the technical to-do items sorted I'll put lots of time aside to re-work it, but is everyone slowly getting used to the new software?

Oh, and just so you all know - topic hover preview should be back on CC next week. The plugin developer gave me a sneak preview last night and I'm first in line to get the software once he's optimised it. A welcome return of a very much missed feature ... :thumbsup:

Shaun :biggrin:

Smokin Joe

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I like it.


It's working for me - the topic hover thingy will complete it, one of those features you don't realise how good it is until it's gone. Thanks again

Dan B

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I never used the topic preview thingy (didn't notice it was there). Maybe that explains why nobody else seems to find the uselessly vague topic titles nearly as annoying as I always did.

No complaints here. Though I do keep clicking accidentally on the "Chat" link because I think that "4" means I have 4 chat requests - and then remembering it probably means "4 users online". Facebookitis


Better as regards linking and images, not as good as regards navigation with the box at the bottom of the page.

Overall the layout is not quite as good IMHO mainly down to the additional width which doesn't suit bits like The Chain and other posts with short sentences - but I'll get used to it. - CClight cures this!


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I actually like the colour scheme and lay-out,hover will make it much easier to navigate and the view new content problems are the only thing slightly marring my enjoyment of the new site.
Still getting to grips with the extra features being a technophobe,but will practice these things over the next few weeks.
Only real negative is the lack of social groups and the gallery is public where before I could create albums in my profile(might be me getting this wrong)


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I like it - I think it's been a bit quiet on here since the move though...

I think it'll be fine once everyone gets used to the new ways of navigating, I think a lot of people miss the old way of viewing new posts and subscribed threads
I like it and I've got used to it. Navigation is not as easy as the old forum as you have to move about a bit more to do the same things but a few small adjustments in the future should sort that out and I know some of them are on the cards. I also keep finding things I like which the old forum didn't have. Notification when you are quoted, the green button next to each username for a profile snapshot, the downloads section, the blogs, the updates, the way you attach photos, lots of better things.
The appearance in the default 'skin' is fine except under IE6 - where it is rubbish (this already mentioned in another post somewhere). I use IE8 at home but am forced to use IE6 at work.

OK, so I took the tip and have been setting a different skin when logging on at work. Layout problems solved. And changing back to default 'Cyclechat' at home. It would be nice if this skin selection could be stored in a cookie on the computer itself, or some similar means. So that I don't need to switch skins every day on arriving at work and back again on arriving home.

Any chance of this?

Alternative, of course, is not to visit CC at work... :blush:


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Still finding bits and features, but generally happy with it.

Glad that hover is returning, and look forward to member's locations reappearing.

I peferred the old interpretation of new topics, but apart from that no complaints. More positively I find general navigation and useability better in the new software.
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