One week on from the move - how are we doing?

The addition of the mobile layout in combination with getting an android phone I like. Is there any way of accessing the status update thing from the mobile interface? Maybe that would make it too much like facebook.
Otherwise I likes it.

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It's settling down now. I've got used to it although only on CClight.

I'm enjoying the chatroom

dave r

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very good so far. It would be nice if the chat room loaded a bit quicker and I occasionally accidentally log my self out with the line signed in as settings and log out being below the cycle chat cycling forums line. But now I am getting used to it its very good. One other thing, why is it that copy and pasting a youtube link copies the player onto the Forum? How can I stop that?


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Me like :smile:


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I greatly prefer the new look & feel - much more aesthetically pleasing. Everyone hates getting used to new methods of navigating (just read the stuff on the BBC news forums!) but my guess is people will prefer it when they get used to it. Once we have hover back I shall be completely happy. :-)


I've got the forum-jump-on-the-top thing on my to-do list, and will hopefully get the layout working a bit better / tighter over time - as I expect quite a lot of people have found it a bit daunting.

I've also just realised that not everyone will have worked out you can chose a different skin to the default one, so will post an announcement about that in a few minutes - that might help people out a bit.

As well as the new functionality, it has much better SEO and includes the topic title words in the URL so Google picks this up and should send us a lot more new visitors / members ... :biggrin:

Shaun :biggrin:
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