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It's a bit more complicated than that...
@User's thread has prompted me to get and start ordering some of those CDs I've been wanting to buy for ages. Having tried, and failed, to find my way through the Blackwell's search system (optimised for academic books rather than classical CDs) I've resorted to Amazon, despite my contempt for its business practices. It's usually reliable and pretty good value, and its search system works.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a more ethical online service whose search system actually works? There are no reliable stockists of real plastic discs nearby, otherwise I'd patronise them.

And in case anyone's looking for a different online bookshop, I've now used Hive ( a couple of times with good results - and a contribution from the purchase price goes to a real-live bookshop. They've got a music department but its selection and stock levels are a bit uninspiring.
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