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Firstly, I've never seen 6 virgins in a room together other than monks!

Do any of you understand this highbrow TV quiz? I struggle!
Victoria Coren :wub: is the host, what more is there to understand?

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It's like University Challenge, I start off knowing a few of the answers but by the time it gets to the later stages I struggle to get anything, even in the missing vowels round.


The more you watch it the easier it gets, I got a couple right tonight, and Lu and I managed both connecting walls between us.


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I do enjoy it, but really it belongs on BBC4. Mr and Mrs (Coren) Mitchell are one of my favourite celebrity couples though.

It's more puzzling than quizzing sometimes. Never before heard Girls Aloud referred to as highbrow!

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Firstly, I've never seen 6 virgins in a room together other than monks!
You don't get out much, do you? Errrrr..... Yeeeeeeess.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
Great show, great episode. I got most of the same questions as the competitors right in the first two rounds, fell behind on the connecting wall and tanked on the impressionists.

And since the brain is one of the great erogenous zones, I don't suppose they're all virgins.
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Coren-Mitchell, and *are you kidding*?? There must be few more irritating and smug people on the telly as her.
I think she can come over as irritating and smug but really it is her very dry humour.
She is certainly not as smug as Paxman but is there some gender thing there?

I think she can easily come over as irritating but watch her for while and it is all done in fun and playing the part. She generally comes out with some bizarre joke or observation that is really funny.
That said, you know who wears the trousers in the Coren-Mitchell household!


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Mrs L got most of the first round right. I got a 5 pointer in the second. We got both walls and a an unusually bad missing vowels round. I got Water Lillies and nothing else! I guess you have to have one of "those" minds.

University Challenge was maths-oriented last night so we bombed!


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It would be nice to have a UC host who has some respect for the sciences. And maybe some question setters who understand that chemistry involves more than just knowing the names of the elements. I got none of the guess the decade questions spot on, but all of them to within two decades either side. Still, it wasn't as ridiculous as guess the name of the vegetable made up from the symbols of the elements, which they had a couple of series ago.

I've also lost what little respect I had for John Humphreys after his failure to correctly pronounce Daenerys Targaryen on Mastermind.
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