oooh..just catch me if you can!!

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...I just went around my usual loop 35km for the first time since I returned from my tour last week. Wow! I have never been around it that well, I felt (dare i say it) almost light! No stops, just right round, no huffing and puffing and no lactic acid in my legs. the bike felt like it was made of paper even though there was a westerly wind.

..I just hope I can keep this up when the winter comes.

Only thing was that i felt the bike handled better under a full 4 pannier touring load...much more solid....but considering that i was literally having to walk around half of this loop just a few months ago I am pleased.
I am definatley getting a lot of benefit out of this cycling lark...fitter, thineer (ish) and happier.:ohmy::biggrin:


just make sure you don't overdo it otherwise you'll have to change your username to just bigtallbloke.


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South Beds.
Easing into it as you have been will help build up your stamina no end.
Once that's built up you can work on your speed even more and then you'll really notice it.

I have been out 4 days in a row again. It's been great. A combination of road riding and off-roading, hill climbing.

I fell off twice today....was funny...:biggrin:....and my rear mech is way out of adjustment...somehow...but still great fun.
When you have rewarding moments such as you have it makes it all worth while.:ohmy:
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