Oops great start might help if I post in the right bit lol......Hello

Hello all,
Im from Rochester kent, started cycling again 2 years ago as I was 16 stone and fed up. Im now 13 stone have completed the London 2 Brighton ride twice, have signed up again this year as its such a great event todo. Last year did my first sportive the surrey hills cyclone it nearly killed me (Epic) am going to do it again this year and try to beat my time. Most of my cycling is done as my commute to work, but I was presented with a Turbo trainer for xmas so am now trying to step it up a level.
Will appreciate any tips and hints and ask for your patience as I am likely to ask lots of stupid questions.
Many Thanks


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@Nick Numpty well done you sound like you are doing well to start with .

what bike are you using ?

tips for turbo training are sort some music out to listen to at least
Hi guys, I ride a Boardman Race comp, and have set my Boardman Hybrid comp up on the Turbo, have just invested in a heart rate monitor and speed cadence sensor aswell next step is to sort out some sort of training regime that i can stick to as I have signed up for the 87 mile Surrey Cyclone again, (must be mad).
Hi, I am trying at the moment to average 80 miles a week, but will start to increase that from Feb when my rota at work changes and I should have more time to cycle, and hopefully the weather will start to improve lol. And yes the Turbo is boring but have found the GCN Hiit vids on youtube which help immensely.


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Hello and :welcome:.You dont think youre taking all this a bit seriously?^_^Well done you,enjoy yourself.Stick some music on when you get turbo going,makes the whole thing much more fun.Tell you what,race you tomorrow night,last one to the last track of "Oxygene"is a cissy!
lol too seriously? I have logged 6727.1 miles since 3rd Feb 2013 when I decided it was time to start shifting some weight, Im still slower than an asthmatic ant going uphill with a backpack and boots on. I primarily ride for the enjoyment of it but it would be nice to be a bit quicker, my aim is to build myself up to the point i can comfortably do 80-100 miles in a day and still be fit enough to hold my pint at the of it lol. I dream of doing the LeJog before im 40 so yes im starting to think a little more seriously on training as time is ticking, ( I cant keep saying I'll do it next year Im running out of years!). No idea where to find the 100 mile challenge its hard enough finding me socks, and ill race you to the last track of "Oxygene" once Ive googled it to find out what it is lol.
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