Oops I've ordered the wrong item.


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Hi Guys,

Sorry, in need of more advice!

During the week I placed on order for a new chain & cassette for my Tricross.

To avoid any problems, I thought I would order the exact same parts as listed as being on my bike.

I got the chain part correct (Shimano HG73, 9-speed)

However, I made a bit of a mistake with the cassette, I should have ordered a 'Shimano HG50, 9-speed, 11-32 tooth range', however I ordered a 'Shimano HG50 8 Speed Cassette - 11-32'.:blush:

I know the obvious (that I've lost three gears), but will the cassette be compatible with my rear wheel & the 'Shimano Tiagra, 9-speed STI' shifters?

I'm sure the sensible thing to do would be to send it back, but as it''s my first day off in a few weeks, was quite looking forward to doing this today.

Any advice / replies greatly appreciated.

send it back and get the right bit!

it will fit on your wheel but won't be compatible with your shifters


It won't just be one less gear, Andy. A 9 speed block gets more gears in the same distance, so the spacing is different. I think the block will fit on the splines perfectly well, but if you are using STI shifters the indexing won't work properly. [This would be the case with my Campag set-up, anyway.]

I would swallow my disappointment and send it back.

[Oops. Arrived at the same time as PP's.]


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If you want to ride today, send it back for a refund (CRC are good with them) and get yourself down to a bike shop, it's a common enough part and you're spoilt for choice in Croydon! Also note the SRAM cassettes fit just as well, may be a bit cheaper and seem to last me longer.
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