Opinions on prospective 2006 Felt F90 appreciated!


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About to buy a second hand (4yr) old Felt F90 for 275GBP, Specs Provided as follows:

56cm Frame
Aluminium with carbon forks and seatpost.
8sp Shimano Tiagra Cassette
Triple Shimano Crankset (brand new, fitted one month ago by Oxford Cycle Workshop and never been used)
On-one stem
Nitto 'Randonneur' Handlebars (1 year old, worth 32£ new)
Gator Skin tyres used but never had a puncture
FSA headset
Can supply with shimano spd 540 pedals - flat on one side, spd pedal on the other. Good for commuting. Bike was supplied without pedals.

Seller has also provided some background:

I am selling my 2006 Felt F90 Aluminium Racing bike. Bought from the Oxford Tri store to help me do the blenheim triathlon! Used intermittently thereafter but I have now built up my own bike and no longer need it.

This bike had o/s bars and a Felt model stem; i preferred the rando bars but can supply the old stem if needed as well. I can't find the old bars...
Anyway, it's a fast,light, responsive bike from Felt - you can find lots of reviews on the F90 on line and I've never found a bad one. Come and have a test ride, use it for triathlons, racing or just randonneurring about.

I thought this was a pretty good deal, as my own bike was recently nicked. Am a pretty regular cyclist, almost everyday, mainly city commutes and some hills, and will need one to last for a couple of years through uni (about another 5 years more).

A plus would be a good frame that's upgradable, and from what I've read, the frame is still enough for a beginner and most of the components provided aren't too shoddy.

Will be going down to try it out on Thursday night (I'm 5'9 so the frame should be right), just wondering about the price; I know personal fit for the bike is key!

Am I making a good decision?


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I have a Felt and it's a prettty decent, solid bike. You could do a lot worse!
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