Opinon needed if anyone has time for a look :)


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Hi everyone

My wife is after a bike for her birthday and I have found this one, she only wants it for cycling around the local paths and playing out with daughter. It has mixed reviews bust most are good. Being honest I was first drawn to it's looks as I know it is her style but what are your opinions on it? Most negative reviews say is it too heavy but does that matter if its mainly going to be used cycling on paths with a 4 year old?




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For that use it'll be fine. The quality of the components is poor, so they may wear quickly, but can be replaced.

It is very nice to look at too, which helps, as does the price; for pootling around with the little 'un I doubt you'll find better.
A bike of that style is always going to be very heavy regardless of where you go, but there are far better options out there than a catalogue special. Something at that price point will not be brilliant in terms of its components or its mechanical set-up, and this can lead to to problems and frustration. There is the danger that something like this will put the missus off cycling.

With bicycles as well as other things, buy cheap, buy twice. You are far better going to somewhere like Decathlon, spending just a little bit more and getting one of their Elops or Hoprider step-through hybrids. Decathlon bikes have a good reputation, even their cheaper ones. Plus it likely will be lighter and easier to handle than the one from Argos.

Also, if anything goes wrong, Decathlon have good servicing and warranty - which you won't get with the Argos bike.

Just a caveat though - new bike stocks are rather low at the moment, and will be for some time. If you are competent mechanically and are on a budget, I'd strongly suggest looking for a used bike instead. You'll get far more bang-for-buck.


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Argos are not bike dealers which is evident from the specs which list the wheel nuts as 15mm, why that’s important I don’t know. Its an old design produced cheaply in China, which is not necessarily a bad thing but you can bet your life when you get it out of the box you won’t be able to pedal away on it, something will need adjustment and you’ll be on your own. You’ll be packing it up again and running it back to Argos quicker than you can say Chicken Chop Suey. Much better to go to a proper bike dealer like Decathlon as suggested by Reynard where you’ll be assured to find good value and if any problems arise they will be sorted by the experienced staff. They’ll also be able to recommend the correct size.
You’ll even be better off buying a older bike in that style off Gumtree or EBay, at least you will know its a runner.
This is on Gumtree & eBay for £120, listed as a french shopping bike:


Good luck.
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I skimmed thru some of the reviews and smiled. Loads really liked the bike. Some said that the gears fell off or brakes were rubbing. If you have any DIY skills and keep a regular check on the bike, these are probably non events. And one review said that they couldn't get up the slightest incline. Suspect that this is more to do with the engine, not the bike.

But one consideration - if you do have problems, where do you take it back to. They don't have a bike repair counter.

Halfords, decathlon and uk cycles and LBS do, so you have that to think about.

But looks like a good bike for what your wife is planning.

Happy cycling


As above it'll be fine. The gears will be no problem - they are pretty durable and will last long enough - Mrs C has a Raleigh step through with much the same components.

The areas where they are likely to have skimped are the brakes and finishing kit - often on these types of city bike they spec plastic brake levers on the handlebars which means there is a lot of flex before the brakes bite hard. Not something that would stop me buying it for the sort of usage you are anticipating, but worth bearing in mind for the future. Also the mudguards or the chain guard may have a tendency to rub a little.

The biggest drawback to this bike would be the weight as you've already noticed - this only rears it's head when having to manhandle the bike around. The aforementioned Raleigh weighs a similar amount to the one listed - about 17kg with the basket on the front, but thus far it has been very very reliable no real problems - just avoid situations where you are likely to have to carry it.

For the money that's a lot of bike.


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As long as you set it up better than it arrives it will be fine, I'd expect the wheel bearings to have very little grease and be poorly adjusted but a couple of hours fixing that and checking everything over and it should be OK


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My fear, as already said above, is that when something goes wrong (and it will), who do you take it to? Argos have a legal duty to stand by it, but can you be sure they won't just give it to the Saturday boy to tinker with? If I bought anything from there, I would regard it as 'sold as seen' and take full responsibility for anything that went wrong. Less hassle. I know this isn't what most here will tell you, but I have had rather poor experiences with my LBS but my local Halfords has been excellent, both in sales, backup and service, and employs a couple of real enthusiasts in its bike section. A Carrera I bought from them is the only bike I have ever bought that didn't have a single problem when I got it home. Halfords stuff is generally decent quality for the price, and they do have actual mechanics working in an actual workshop to back it up. Argos don't. I don't have anything like a Decathlon near me, so I can't comment on them.

There's this for £160, and if you are prepared to stretch the budget a bit, this looks very nice for £280. Garn, she's worth it.


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If it goes wrong within a year I'd expect Argos to replace it, they're just a retailer and last I saw don't have a repair dept, you may need to keep the box though.


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I've ridden one of those briefly - testing it when it had been worked on in the charity I volunteer at. It's the only bike I've ridden where passers-by have stopped my to say how pretty it is ^_^

They are heavy. I know someone who has one & she gets off to push it up a slight hill. I suspect the four year old may have to wait for her mum at the top of the hill but that's fine.


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You'll get a much better bike for the same money at decathlon.
My missus spent £150 on hers and 4 years later its still running having never been serviced and supporting her 18stone weight. My daughters bikes also cost the same, done way more miles, abused more than a pyramid building Egyptian and having a bare minimum of servicing.
At least decathlon have their own mechanics (I use that term loosely by the way) so you're covered if anything goes wrong and you're not mechanically minded.


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Your other option is second hand. My wife has two bikes, but her hybrid is a modern take on the Argos bike (sit up and beg). It's a Pinnacle Stratus, cost about £500 new, but they go for around £200 second hand. It's a lovely bike to ride and we've had no trouble from it as the components are of a good level.


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And replace with ... another one just the same with potentially all the same issues. Roll the dice; do you feel luckier the second time? I suppose it introduces an element of risk and exceitement :becool:
TBH Maz bought me one of these from Argos after her son nicked my MTB from the house,


But me

being me I modified it a bit with a better crank, trigger shifters, better mechs, metal pedal and a custom made seatpost


I use it as my 'snow' bike and that seatpost won't go any lower, it's 600mm long

EDIT - Someone took the front disc off the bike in the piccy I thought was a standard one, it's a 'jump' spec bike and only available in one size.
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