Optimum angle for handlebars


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I've been playing around with the set up of my bike and wondering if there is an optimum angle of rotation for the handlebars on a road bike. I've rotated mine so the hoods are lower as now that I've increased the height of my seatpost I've been riding more on the hoods than the drops and the angle of the hoods felt uncomfortable. Or the angle just simply down to personal preference for comfort?

Thanks in advance.


Personal really. On my first road bike so I have a flipped stem, all the spacers and have tilted the bars up a bit.


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I've found the most comfortable position for me is so that the base of the hoods are at the same height as the flat part of the bars. That seems to give me the best choice of comfortable positions - on the hoods and covering the brakes, a cm or so further back and not covering the brakes, bends, flats and drops. I've also discovered I can get into a bit of a TT position by wrapping my hands round the hoods and resting my forearms on the top part of the curved section behind them, which I'm finding a bit more comfortable than the drops if I want to get low for longer periods.
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