Ordered from one place shipped from another?

jack smith

Ordered some sram rival 22 bits for a bargain price of £270 for the full group brand new (minus cassette) off a gold shop on ebay, when i payed the payment went to a dofferent company, and i received an email today from rutland leisure saying they were dispatched... Any idea what has happened? Ive checked rutland cycling's website and they dont stock this stuff And i know a proper online bike shop wouldnt sell this new group for such a low price! Not complaining just wondering :smile:


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Rutland Cycling/Leisure have been doing some silly deals lately. I posted on the "found a bargain" thread about their shoe deals a couple of days ago and bought a pair (plus 2 tops for the mrs).

We`ll be fine :highfive:


A lot of bike shops sell via ebay as well as Amazon as well as their on web site. some of them modify their name slightly on different sites.

As long as you get your gear for the price you paid for it, I wouldn't care where it came from.
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