Ordered my new bike - at last!!!

the reluctant cyclist

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After 6 weeks of "slumming it" on my mountain bike I have just ordered a new road bike to replace my beloved stolen Trek Pilot 1.0. I have ordered (imaginatively) a Trek 1.2!!!

I've gone for the 2010 model WSD so it's black with a bit of bright blue on it. I'm getting it from Birmingham City Cycles in the Custard Factory. They reckon I should be able to pick it up on Saturday - whoo hooo! :biggrin:

I spent ages going through all the different models and think it is pretty similar so hope I get on with it just as well!

I can't wait to cycle in on it but I have to come on the bus on Monday because I've got a job interview!!!


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Glad to hear that you've got a new bike, RC. How 's the hand/finger?
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