Ortlieb Velocity Bag

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by MrGrumpy, 17 Aug 2016.

  1. MrGrumpy

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    Anyone got one of these ? Plenty room for a 15" laptop and packed lunch etc ? Ditched carrying bag a few years back and currently stuff everything inside my bike jersey and pockets. However bringing my laptop home at times would be useful on the odd occasion. So thinking of looking for something purposeful and waterproof !
  2. MontyVeda

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    I use the small ortlieb front rollers (in the back!). My 15" lappy fits inside and the bag is definitely waterproof.
  3. OP

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    google has brought up other options for similar bags , Alpkit and Lomo are two others. Rutland have the ortlieb at £65.99 which seems a good price.
  4. J1888

    J1888 Über Member

    Yes, Lomo are v. popular and it's easy to see why when they're so cheap: http://www.ewetsuits.com/acatalog/drybag-daypack.html

    I made the mistake of buying a rebadged Polaris version of the same bag for more than double the Lomo price and it didn't last. For £26 though, worth a punt.
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