Oscar the cat...

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... disappeared just over a year ago. As the days and weeks went without him reappearing, we assumed he had been gotten by a fox, wolf, snake or whatever. Until just now when I glanced at his brother, Foxtrot's food bowl, "That's not Foxy" I thought, then with just a tiny mew Oscar jumped up on my lap and settled down as if nowt had happened.

He's locked in the cellar for now and after tea we will be giving him the third degree to find out where he has been and what he's done. The lile so and so.


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Wow! He could have been living rough or may have made another home elsewhere.

If the latter, there's either another family somewhere looking for him or he might just go back of his own accord. Microchip him and add an ID tag with his name, date of birth and telephone number. If he goes back, the other household is unlikely to get the chip scanned. However, the DoB on a tag is a visible way of showing the other household that he's someone else's cat and not just the next 'owner' after them.



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sometimes cats just get bored and decide to adopt another family, later on they just come back like nothing has happened.
had this happen with a cat myself and friends have had this happen to.
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