Our new tandem

Sure is. Wish you many miles of enjoyment.


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Rear disc brake, front V brake plus SON dynohub. Rear also has a "drag" V brake controlled, as @raleighnut said, with a friction shift.

The frame is Bob Jackson steel

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Tandem braking food for thought here:


I believe stress on the headset is another factor worth thinking about, so an experienced tandem rider will use more rear braking.

The front still does most of it, but you ask the rear to do more than on a solo.

By the way, the OP is being modest, the tandem is Orbit's super smart de-couplable one.

It's not just lovely, it's lovely jubbly.

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It's really nice, but we really enjoy ours....

Which isn't 'decouplingable' :smile: but does us wonderfully!
I particularly like your rear rim/disc set up, and I'm thinking of adding this to ours sometime, ready for our L2P next year. This picture is from 2 years ago, and the timing chain has been adjusted properly since this image was taken, and just this week, cassette, chain and 2/3 of the chain rings! We can't wait to get back on, as it's been nearly 2 weeks since our last ride (apart form a test ride this evening !)

It's great to see more tandems making it to CC :smile:
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