Out Of Touch, Part 3, Spacer or Not?

So with many thanks to @DCBassman I have shifters for my flat bar conversion that shift!!.

Front triple is no problem but am struggling to get it onto the biggest rear cog, (8 speed)

The wheel that was on the bike was a Mavic A319 which is designated as 8 speed. This wheel was totalled in the accident. In the spirit of spending as little as possible I used an old rear wheel I had in the shed from an Allez Sport that was nine speed.

The hub measured exactly the same, and after reading on the internet I decided I didn't need a spacer to go from 9 to 8.

What do the good people here think, should I have put a spacer behind the 8 speed cassette.

Cheers in advance.
Shouldn't be an issue...B screw adjustment?

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I would say that you don`t need a spacer but maybe the L limit screw needs adjusting due to the slight differences in wheel / cassette combination. You may also need to check the H limit screw as well otherwise the chain may go over too far and jam between the chain stay and the smallest cog. This appears to be quite a good guide.
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Thanks guys, haven't had chance to have a fettle today so will be put on hold for a few days.

Under the surgeons knife tomorrow so will be out of Heath Robinson action for a few days.

Will report back when sorted.


A new wheel could definitely require minor adjustments to the limit screws on the rear mech. Disconnect the cable and check the movement in the mech once you are back on your feet.

Hope all goes well tomorrow.
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