Not many overshoes will keep your feet totally dry but they will keep them warm.


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ianrauk said:
If you are using cleats, overshoes will not keep your feet dry. they will keep your feet warm in rain. But not completely dry.
Is that the MTB style? i don't have that issue with my SPD-SL's


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sarahpink said:
with the upcoming rain:sad: I don't like getting my feet wet, can anyone recommend me a good overshoe that will keep my feet dry?
As good as overshoes are I regret to say they will not keep your feet dry, they will keep most of the water off but after a while your feet will end up damp.

Endura Neophrene overshoes used in conjuction with a set of mudguards is the best.


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I agree, they are only truely effective when wearing trousers and at these temps thats too darn hot! I did use the Endura overshoes last winter with some cheap but not too cheap waterproof trousers from GoOutdoors and my feet stayed pretty much dry & warm (despite negative temps), unless I stood in a pool of mud / water.


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the neoprene types don't last very long either 1 maybe 2 winters. the carradice duck cotton ones are supposed to be great but don't have a good look
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