Owners of Tacx Turbo Trainers...advice please...


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I'd much rather be out on the road than have to use one but unfortunately the old man will need around the clock care for a few months come December. To alleviate the boredom of using one I was looking to hook one up to their VR system and have a go at the Hell of the North and TdF mountain stages on the DVD's. Does anybody know exactly what is needed to set up the VR and the cheapest way to go about doing it? I.e. can I simply buy the cheapest Tacx TT and throw the extra equipment on (whatever that may be)??



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You will need to purchase a trainer that comes with it's own computer display i.e speed, watts ect, then you can hook the VR upgrade.
I recently purchased a brand new TACX Ergo Flow from a German website for £210 delivered.
Yes, or just buy the Flow multiplayer http://www.wiggle.co.uk/tacx-flow-multiplayer-vr-trainer/

Don't forget the RLV films are extra and you will need a decent spec computer to run the software. I have the Fortius and think it is worth the money, certainly relieves the monotony of a std turbo.
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