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Discussion in 'Cycling Clubs' started by chriscross1966, 15 Jan 2019.

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    Hi folks, I'm starting up an Oxford Brompton Owners Group. Intention is to have a social on the third Wednesday of the month and a group ride on the first Saturday. The group rides will fall into a format of meet in cafe, ride around 10 miles or so to a pub for lunch, then back to different cafe... We're not in training for Audaxes with this....

    Socials will start on 20th of February, from around half five at the Jam Factory (convenient for both bus and train stations and it's got decent square footage for an Oxford pub)

    Group rides will start 2nd of March with destinations likely TBD at the first social.

    Anyone with a Brompton of any description welcome, from trusty old L3 commuters through CHPT3 and Barbour factory specials to Far-Eastern style supermods...

    We have a Facebook group here:

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