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I really liked them, less mess and a better coverage. The only disadvantage is a roller can be quicker but it didn't bother me too much. Happy painting!


Marmite. I don't like them as I don't believe that they cover as well as a roller and so need more coats, but my mate swears by them, if nothing else for the ease of doing edges

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Many moons ago, I cut up a paint pad and used it to make a hedghog egg for easter for my son. It looked rather good glued to a hard boiled egg. And of course I used the obligatory pipe cleaners and felt tip pens as well.


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I use them for cutting in wall to ceiling and vice versa, they're really good for that, just remember to wipe the edges off the pad with a rag upon each fill so as not to mar the bit you don't want to paint, i also just stick the pad on a long handle and run it along for a perfect edge. (much quicker than a paint brush for cutting) But the rest i use a roller.
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