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I never understand why they blank out the number plate on the cars.


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From the Bristol Cyclists FB page..


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It's a shame that a previous government de regulated parking and, in most parts of the country, passed enforcement powers to the carncils, but then stripped them of the powers to clamp and tow. As a result nothing gets done.

When I was a community beat Bobby prior to deregulation I'd have had that on a low loader and on it's way to the pound faster than you can say "blimey, PC Drago doesn't hang about!"


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Something like this perhaps?



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What a bloody stupid place to leave a bike. Right where the van driver cannot see it. If that van driver reversed and squashed that bike I would LAUGH!

As some bloke from Syracuse once said: ‘Give me a lever long enough, a fulcrum and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.’

He knew whereof he spoke, having spent a lot of his youth hanging around the stone quarries there, and seeing how they handled the big blocks.

For some reason Archimedes, as he was known, often springs to mind when I hear of these miscreants. After all, a Mercedes is quite small compared to the Earth, and a suitable length of four by six should do nicely . . .

Just sayin’ Of course


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A footway near my house has been impassable for a month now, blocked by a SORNd vehicle, pedestrians must divert on to the road.
A near neighbour has a drive in area in his garden with dropped kerbs so that a car can be parked off road and not create an obstruction to anyone. This space is now used to park the front two thirds of his camper van while the rear third blocks the entire width of the footway.
He now parks his car with two wheels on another part of the pavement, which reduces the usable width by about 75%.
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