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Acheter neuf: EUR 19,21
14 neufs à partir de EUR 9,98
2 d'occasion à partir de EUR 10,42

is from French Amazon. What's a "neuf"? I reckon it might mean new but it could be perhaps the short version of Fairy Neuf.

And WTF does 2 d'occasion mean? Is the site being run by Dell Boy or something?

These are genuine questions BTW as they have a couple of CDs which don't seem available anywhere else.


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d'occasion is 2nd hand
neuf is new
To buy new : 19,21 Euros
14 new from 9,98 Euros (these are from Amazon marketplace stores)
Second hand from 10,42 Euros
Should be hypertext linked to the various offers.
Andy in Sig

Andy in Sig

Vice President in Exile
That makes perfect sense. Thanks. I didn't click on the hyperlink as I thought if I couldn't understand what its title meant, I wouldn''t have a kitten in hell's chance with the actual link. "d'occasion" doesn't half sound like something Dell Boy would have come out with though.
Yup: 'neuf' means 'new' and 'd'occasion' means 'second-hand'. 'D'occasion' is a phrase well worth committing to memory, it's a classic example of a 'false friend' (looks just like an English word but means something totally different). Another good example is 'location' which means 'hire' or 'rental' - especially in reference to cars.

Andy in Sig said:
... but it could be perhaps the short version of Fairy Neuf...
You're probably thinking of "Saint Fairy-Anne", the elusive French saint...:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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I think you once suggested French was a silly language Andy. At the time, I was a bit piqued and felt quite defensive... however... the more I learn (and the more frustrated I get!) the more inclined I am to agree with you!! :biggrin:

It seems to me that there are some constructions that I will never understand!
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