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The mount on my Garmin is badly worn and needs replacing. Is this a DIY and if so where can I obtain the part{s} needed. It looks to me like a strait forward replacement.


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If no joy via Google, could contact Garmin directly


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You can buy various aftermarket solutions. I bought some mounts of eBay with sticky pads. I did not trust the pad so used epoxy instead. This is the first example I found, but there are plenty more

It isn't the mount on the bike that is the problem, it is the one on the back of the unit (see photo). I imagine that I need a new back for it.


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Definitely contact Garmin support. They may offer you a refurbished unit at a reduced price (assuming its out of its 2 year warranty). Back in the day these replacement units used to be a real bargain, and I replaced an Oregon with a badly scratched screen for very little. But I do hear by the grapevine that they've started charging sensible prices.

All the same, it's worth going to and opening a ticket. It can't do any harm. You never know, you might get lucky,
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