Pedalflow Micro Bike


N Ireland
Is it a scooter with pedals or a bike without a seat? Either way after I came across it today, I've been intrigued since. Has anyone any experience of these contraptions? I can certainly see a use for these a useful/novelty piece of kit for short journeys, commutes and days out with the kids. At a tad under £300 the market would be pretty limited though.


I like Skol

I'm Jay-walking, and I love it...
Doesn't appear to have any brakes! Nothing about brakes mentioned on the website either....


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No idea but i rode one 2 weeks ago and it definitely had a coaster, either that or the rear bearings just happened to seize up when i back pedalled :laugh:

They are about £200 here and i saw them at the camping shop, though about getting one for the van as we often carry a Micro scooter
Loch side.
The rider does a rear wheel skid to a stop at the end of the video.

Is it a fixed?
I don't think it will be possible to stop it with a fixed hub because of that huge gear reduction. Others have said it has a coaster brake. I can also see in the video that the lady rider coasts once or twice.
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