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Returning after a 15 year lay off, i'm well out of touch on most things cycling.
Still got toe clips on my old MTB, can someone advise me on the best way to go clipless without spending too much?


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There are some good, reasonably-priced shoes around. Lake are a good bet (I believe they are available in UK).

Recommend going SPD, which allows easier walking. Shimano's PD-M520 is the classic doulbe-sided pedal (my preference) while the M324 has SPD on one side and ordinary cage on the other -- which means you have to make sure you step on the right side with cleats.


There are 2 basic systems

1. - small cleat easy to walk in but not so good on the road and referred to as the spd system.

2. - large triangular cleat hard to walk in but good on the road and referred to as the Shimano spd -sl system (Time and Look do similar)

Shoes come in 3 designs - spd only/ spd and spd-sl/ spd-sl only.


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Now I just need to find somewhere selling cheap shoes. Sadly it appears I missed a damn good sale on shoes at Evans! They still have some heavily reduced shoes but only in silly sizes :sad:
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