Pedals fight back

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
or at least they do if you try to get quickly way from the lights without clipping in correctly. I tried today to get away quickly and my left foot was not clipped in, now have a 2 inch gash just above the ankle and I'm sure my wife was smiling when she put alchohol on to clean the wound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At the risk of you sinking like a lead balloon with this post Keith, I recall there was a fashion for (sharp) metal pedals when I was a kid (pre-SPD's etc.) and out on a ride with a friend he tried to stop too quickly and the pedal drove itself into his calf. Together with a good proportion of his jeans. Ambulance man had to pull the pedal out.........


New Member
My legs used to have the look of inverted goose bumps with all the pedel marks up my legs.

Now it's my head that has the dents when I can't unclip fast enough.
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