Peddling is what gypsy ladies do with lucky heather and clothes pegs.

PEDALLING is how one propels oneself upon a bicycle and other HPV with similar drivetrain.

After a few months on this forum I needed to get that outburst of pedantry out there!


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You tell 'em, Tiger. It gets to me as well.


Damn you Tiger! For the first time ever I am feeling pedantic, spotted the title, and popped in to scold you on your bad spelling. ;)

Ah well, I'm off to hunt down people having problems with their 'breaks'.

rich p

ridiculous old lush
It dont bother me nun. I'm chilled, innit.


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CharlieB said:
If this is a picky-about-spelling-and-usage thread, can I point out the number of people who say 'I could of done this etc', when it should have been 'I could have done this etc.'?
...or I could've...

..... but not could of! :sad:

I saw a study on this once that showed that those who use "of" instead of "have" are, in general people who read very little (in terms of the printed page, literature), who mis-hear the 've sound as "of" and don't read anything else that corrects them.
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