Pendix electric assist anyone?

Kinetics in Glasgow offer a Pendix electric assist which could fit on to my Ice Adventure. I have some short sharp hills I could do with some help on. I believe this fits on in such a fashion that I can keep my existing 27 speed system for possible battery exhaustion or for longer runs where it is not needed. There is obviously a weight penalty but I can live with that I think. Has anyone got one and are there any comments?
I have a GTech bike and this system sounds similar in operation tho’ it is not perfect for my needs as the assist tends to be a bit irregular kicking in.


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I know of two older trikers who retro fitted assists to an ICE Explorer and ICE Vortex with complete success. Used only to get them up the hills, range was far in excess of a normal days ride.
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Bygad there are several electric assist that can be retrofitted. Kinetics do not seem to offer them and they are my nearest dealer hence my query. I have not spoken to Ben Cooper yet but wanted to get some background on that specific motor as that is what is on his web site.

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Got a pendix on our Christiania trike. In terms of reliability (and customer service) it's a bit like owning a 1970s car: it won't start if it's been raining and tends to cut out over bumps or whenever it feels like it. Fortunately unlike a 1970s car at least its possible to pedal it home again
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