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I've entered it, did the mtb route last year so decided to try the 100km road route this year. Only my 2nd sportive, after the legbreaker last weekend.
Ah-ha! I was feeling a bit lonely...

Should be good, although their pre-event organisation is a bit sloppy.
I emailed to ask if I was in because they hadn't cashed my cheque and I'd heard nothing, they replied that the blurb was put in the post the day before. It did eventually turn-up, but with a postmark a week later...

The 'info-pack' says that food and drinks 'will be available for purchase' at the feedstations, which has lead to a bit of uproar over on cyclosport forum and the organiser has come on saying it's included and free.


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I've only entered in the last week.

Yes have been reading the thread on cyclosport, glad the organiser has made it clear. Seemed odd to say you might have to pay, I will bring money in case wouldn't be good to get there and find you had to pay. Think it will be free though, otherwise the publicity will be terrible.


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So how did everyone get on? I really enjoyed the day and it was nice that the sun came out to play.
7:40 and decided it was hard !
That last 15 miles was relentless.
I'm doing Cumberland Challenge next month and that has the last 20 or so miles flat/rolling at the end so you can either get some speed up or just crawl in, whichever state you're in. Polka Dot is similar, last 20m is a time-trial run in.

But this one didn't seem to want to give up ! Just had a succession of steep ups and downs at the end.

I didn't get into any groups, didn't see any (other than the Dave Lloyd twosome and I wasn't going to try to tag onto the back of that) and a big mixed-up Liverpool posse (about three different clubs, saw them at the last feedstop, left before they did and they didn't catch me for me to tag-on), so ended-up doing the whole ride alone, which doubtless made it harder work, on top of the heat.
- my computer showed 35C at one point, no wonder I felt blitzed...

Thought the on-the-day organisation was superb : friendly people, lots of food, challenging route.
Perhaps the signs would have been a bit more obvious on yellow rather than white, had a few anxious moments where I thought I'd gone wrong but hadn't.
And for some reason the marshal directed me around the route rather than into the first feedstop, so I was getting seriously short of water by the second stop, where I shifted a litre and a half !

I'm taking it a bit easy this week, running a 5K on Thursday night...
Mmm, that's a shame. ;)

I think this was one of the tougher sportives I've done
  • it was pretty hilly, right to the end : in the last 15miles there were so many little steep ups & downs, at the point when you're knackered and just want to get to the end.
In my case these 15m took me about 1:10 to 1:15 and the target time I was chasing just became unrealistic, which was depressing as well.
  • it was 'the hottest day of the year' apparently : certainly my computer said 35C at one point
The forecast was debateable as to whether it was going to be a scorcher or we'd get wet, and those clouds at the start looked ominous, so I also took what turned-out to be unnecessary waterproof and armwarmers rather than risk being caught on the moortops, after the experience of cold torrential rain of Tour of Wessex...
  • there were only 200-ish riders, so it was all a bit spread-out If you were suffering out there, it could have been a bit lonely and miserable.
If you can get in a group you can share the work and it's a lot easier/quicker, or at least if there are other riders nearby or you're in a group you get mutual encouragement.
Dunno what I'd suggest.
One of the bigger sportives would have more people to ride with.
One which finishes with a flat bit gives you an easier chance to get to the finish even when you're knackered, or keep the speed-up and finish feeling elated, rather than demoralised and grateful it's over.

The Polka Dot Challenge would have met those, but that was in June...


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I actually enjoyed there been less people, I could usually just about see someone in front of or behind me. I would have hated it to be crowded on the descents. I will definetly be back next year and might even attempt the longer distance.
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