Percy still Avoiding Europe

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I am in awe...absolutly brilliant. One day i will do something similar. Jus tbeing free like that must be the mutz nutz.


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Ah - thanks Hairy Jock. I thought the change to the Radar forum was a bit weird. I'll come here from now on...


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Limoges or York
WRT to Shimano, I use this on my tourer for commuting and much shorter tours than yours. Neverthless, I do think it wears out too quickly. I seem to get through cassettes and chain-rings in no time.

I've got Alesa endeavour rims and they seem to be standing the test of time and distance. Having just done a camping Raid Pyrenean with lots of heavy braking before the hairpins I was very pleased how little they'd worn (unlike the Aztec brake pads that didn't last long).
(my post other place before I found here)

I use 26 inch sun rhinos with XT hubs – very heavily loaded and a lot of up and heavy braking going down in wet - my first set lasted 20000 km before the rear rim started to part – rear bearings and freehub were becoming a little wobbly the front rim was OK front hub not bad at all – Ive changed the rear cassette about every 8000 km before it became too worn – chains about every 4000km – new set have done 5500km and are showing very little sign of wear

Seems pretty good to me


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I probably will write to them when I have time. I no longer have the broken hub or the rim - they got left in the shop that put a new wheel on for me. I have photos though. This is my hub (if the pic works ok) - I think about 7000 miles in total, with 4000 of those being loaded and continuous over the last 5 months...
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