Peterborough 100

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by Camgreen, 12 Apr 2010.

  1. Camgreen

    Camgreen Well-Known Member

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Anyone done it in previous years? Is the route as flat as you'd expect for that part of the country?
  2. TVC

    TVC Guest

    Not heard of this one before, but the website says it goes through Rutland and East Leics, so no it is not going to be flat, there are some quite challenging short hills around there.
  3. I believe its a new event this year, I just did my first sportive last week that went around where this goes and its not flat, but its not the Peak District either. The further north you go in Cambridgeshire the less flat it goes.

    There is a route profile on the web site for the event.
  4. fenman

    fenman Senior Member

    this is a new event this year i hope to do the route as part of our sunday ride ride out there and ride back should get us well over the 100 miles , good training for the rutland 100 the week after have a good ride and enjoy it i will be riding in st ives colours hope to see you there
  5. OP

    Camgreen Well-Known Member

    Cheers for the feedback guys.
  6. OP

    Camgreen Well-Known Member

    Just as an interesting aside. Noticed an old friend of mine appeared on the site promotional vid, only to find that she'd never been to Peterborough in her life! All makes sense now if it's a new event, although taking clips from other events they've run does make it a bit misleading:biggrin:
  7. fenman

    fenman Senior Member

    .did part of the route on thursday if the wind stays e/n should be ok from Clipsham back,only collyweston hill after the left turn at ketton, then easy ride to the finish ps long climb from Great Easton to Uppingham
  8. fenman

    fenman Senior Member

    well did it and it was a good route 105 miles ave 18mph rode to start and back home so clocked up a good a good ride of 121 miles ave 17.5.showered,lunch, sunday papers, sleep,now to finnish reading the papers!!!! anybody else do it?
  9. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    Sounds like a great average, well done.
  10. Sound like you had fun Fenman, was it well organised and run? One of the guys from work was trying to get a team together to do the 100 kilometre variant, but he's ended up having to have two hospital ops fairly close together early this year, and I declined as I haven't got my new bike yet, and I think if I rocked up on my 10-year-old Falcon Explorer I'd get laughed out of the county!
  11. OP

    Camgreen Well-Known Member

    Me and my better half did the 100k. Can't admit to going anywhere near as fast as Fenman, but to be honest getting miles under our belts was the object of the exercise for us. We'll get fitter and faster (well a bit faster :sad:) as the weeks and months progress - the Manchester 100 is our major focus this Summer.

    Browser, I thought this was a well run event. No shortage of direction signs. The route avoided as many busy roads as was practically possible too. From a personal point of view some testing hills, the one which apparently lasts for a mile, just after the routes divide in particular! :smile:

    Lovely weather and probably some of the nicest scenery on any event I've cycled thus far.

    Hopefully the word will spread and it'll get a bigger uptake next time. Didn't think the number of takers was particular big; would you agree with that Fenman ?
  12. fenman

    fenman Senior Member

    great route well signed,did like the route arrows after the turns to confirm that you were still on route. 250 riders in total with 140 opting for the 100 miles,now looking forward to the rutland 100 sportive on sat 24th Nice to here from you Browser don,t bother what others think of your bicycle,just make sure that they only see a rear view!!! As for the number of riders this is about the same number as the Sue Ryder event later on in the year. the Rutland has 505 at the moment which is good for a saturday event
  13. Juat thought I'd post this link to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph article about the ride, positive coverage of a cycling event, what is the world coming to? :laugh:
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