Petition to Reduce Driver Agression against Cyclists


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Run a public awareness campaign to address driver aggression toward cyclists

The Department of Transport should run a national public awareness campaign to educate motorists about dangerous, inappropriate and aggressive behaviours that can lead to the injury and even death of cyclists. The attitude that cyclists should not be on roads needs to end.


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Great cause but I struggle with the bow down to every other form of transport thing. I have as much right to be on the road as anyone else. You get the odd dumbass but by and large I've never felt in danger. I follow the road rules and if drivers get the hump I ignore any hostility. I've ridden in country and city. I use what crappy infrastructure we have and would welcome more but the political will is not there sadly to force the change needed.


I don't know what good signing a petition will do.

It takes less than a couple of minutes to sign it. Is your time really so valuable that you can't? It wouldn't take you much longer than it did to post that reply. What's the worst that could happen?

What alternative do you suggest to better educate drivers on the rights of cyclists on the roads and how drivers should react to them? Whatever your answer is, I think a public answer awareness campaign would be a good thing to have too.


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Ive signed it but road rage only very marginally effects cyclists. You're overwhelming more likely to be a target of road rage if you're another motorist. Why not focus on why motorists develop such rage in the first place? It seems a little bit like cutting the leaves off the weeds rather than killing the root...

Anyway, here's hoping some good can come from it...
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