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Hi Hi

I've decided against a handle bar light for my bike, and now want a petzl head torch.

I just don't which one. I've narrowed it down to 2, the MYO XP and the TAKTIKKA XP, both around £50.

The Myo is a wide angle light spaying head torch, while the TakTikka is a focussing head torch, both have similar battery life, both same weight, any ideas on which to go for?


The Bianco


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My exact thoughts last night.


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Check out the Black Diamond Icon (£40-50). I tried my new one out tonight hiking up a mountain and I was impressed. You have the choice of a spot beam or a uniform flood and 3 brightness settings. Obviously I can't comment on longevity or water resistance yet but another Black Diamond headtorch has lasted several years without a hitch for me.
Just a thought Bianco, only having a head torch and no fixed light is a very,very bad idea. If your head is turned you'll be as good as invisible to someone pulling out from a side road, for example. I've come across one or two like that on my commutes and it really was a case of 'now you see him, now you don't'.
However, a head torch is a brilliant supplementary light (especially if you mount a rear light on the back of the strap).


I agree with Chuffy. A handle bar light is the best option in my opinion for "being seen". Then get your head torch.
I would like a head torch and was wondering about asking the same question but it would only be as a supplementary light to my bar mounted lights.
Petzl headlamps are much better than a bike mounted light if you are in a completely unlit off road area, in my opinion.
You will still need a bike light perhaps an led flashing or small focused light or both.
I have been using a myo 3 which has a led light and a halogen beam for a couple of years , it works well because on woodland trails you can look into the distance and near field or to the apex of corners or where ever you want.

On this model I use the halogen light when cycling and led for walking. The halogen is a sharp beam well into the distance, it also stops anyone you should meet in there tracks, so be carefull if its another cyclist. It is however sensitive to battery power and will reduce power quickly as the batteries drain.
The ones you mention are LED only which is a much less focused beam but when the batteries are only half full probably just as powerfull. Which one? dont know the xp probably , the outdoor shop near me lets you try them out wandering around the celler (spooky) maybe you have somewhere like that near you. If I had to choose it woulf be the myo as its looks more powerful if slightly heavier.

Get one you wont regret it.

9 out of 10.
i've used what i think is a myo zoom ( single halogen) in our clubs 24 hour ride . i found it a lot easier to see with as i could put the light where i wanted it , especially on the twisty steep descents.
i used a cateye el 530 together with a dynohub light this year and although it was good i was happier with the headtorch, which if i remember correctly was cheaper than the cateye and gives an argueably better light.
may go for one of these next year and scrap the el530


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I do use a Blackburn Quadrant for the front anyway, I meant I'm not having any serious lighting gear handlebar mounted.

I'm looking in to the black diamond icon right now.


Chris James

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I have a Myo XP for mountaineering and it is an excellent headtorch with good battery life (due to using AAs). I also have a an old Tikka but haven't used the TakTikka.

The Myo XP has a flip down diffuser, so can be used to create a point or a diffused light. It is the best head torch I have used but I don't use it for cycling so can't comment about how good it is for that.


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Back to the original question...
The Taktikka XP uses 3xAAA, the Myo XP uses 3xAA. Thus although the weight is much the same with no batteries the Myo is considerably heavier in use. On the other hand, bigger batteries means that the Myo runs for quite a lot longer (about 1.4x).
The Myo is brighter too, with the "maximum" Taktikka being the same as the "optimum" (medium) setting on the Myo.
Both have a focussed beam, with a diffuser for a wide spread at short range (slide across for the Taktikka, flip down for the Myo).

The Myo is good for cycling, but having the light immediately above your eyebrows means that the surface relief doesn't show well, and you get a lot of distracting backscatter from any slight mist in the air (like your own breath).

I'd get the Myo, for the extra brightness on full power.


Apologies if this is a numb question but do they fit easily over helmets using the straps to secure them, or should they be attached independantly of the straps?
When I use mine with a helmet I cable tie it on, now I use it without a helmet mostly, the heavier models have a strap over the top as well as horizontal.

I have not experience the breath thing maybe im not breathing enough:ohmy::ohmy:
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