Peugeot Elite Road Bikes


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I have seen these second hand bikes dating back to the seventies and the eighties on sale for what seems to me to be very high prices ranging from £120 - £280

My question is why is the asking price so high


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Hipsters doing SS conversions on em, same thing goes for 'high end' (531/501) Raleighs, Carltons and the like. They'll pay a lot down in that there London and surrounding areas.


The Elite name covered quite a few bikes, rather like Focus for Ford covers everything from a 950 cc shopping trolley to a Cosworth. So you never quite know whats for sale just by the name. The other thing is that people are simply trying to cash in. There's a Worksop frame on LFGSS that started at £400 odd quid while on retro bike there's something similar for 95 quid ..

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