Pimp my... er, Trailfinder


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Sale, Manchester
Morning everyone

I have a Revolution Trailfinder hybrid with great big knobbly tires that I use for commuting (road and trail) and a lot of trail riding.

Question: can anyone recommend a faster set of tyres that will give me more zip on the road but not go pop when presented with a roughish path or seven?



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I have some Conti city rides which I bought when mulling over the same problem as you. They have hardly been used because not long after buying them I bought a new bike (which came with its own tyres :laugh: ) They are fantastic on the road and been on light trials a couple of times and have held up very well.

Ive advertised them in the for sale section here, looking for £15 + postage for the pair (they were £14 each when new)

drop me an email/pm if you want any more info or to buy them :biggrin:
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