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Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Hi admin,
If I decide to change text colour in a post I get [ COLOR = (e.g.)"peuce" ] (insert text here ) [ /COLOR].
Now this might well sound ( and is ! :sad: ) pedantic, but COLOR is spelt COLOUR !!!
Especially here in Blighty.
(Just bugs me !! :biggrin: )
Apart from that, an excellent site.

(Bugger, it's just done it again !! ) :biggrin:

DOH !! and again !!

Arrrrse !
Feck !

I'm off !


I just hope, for the sake of your blood pressure, that, if you use IE, you've tweaked it so that it says "favourites"!

Incidentally, is that at all possible? Something that's been bugging me for years...
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