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Elmer Fudd

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velocipede2288 said:
Thanks Elmar, but there is still two pictures there, and I don't know what you did really.
I have gone to Tiny Pics and uploaded a picture, chosen the URL for forums, coppied and pasted it into the little yellow box at the top of the creen, It has with what looks like a mountain in it.***
It seemed to work for one picture, but not the other???
I can't (or don't know how) change the pictures in your original thread, all I can do is quote you and edit your quote.

The only thing I can suggest is press edit on your original post and copy and paste it to word and print it off.
Then hit quote on my post with your two pictures in and copy and paste that to word and print that off. You can then compare the differences between the two.

*** That little link box always comes up with http//: which more than likely already in your URL link so the first thing you need to do is delete that before pasting your link.

Hope that helps you ( It's as clear as mud to me !! :smile:)
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