Pinnacle Neon 4 2020 - any good?


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:welcome: to the forum @GraMac , good to have you aboard. Sorry about your Lithium. We may never know if JonGapes bought the Neon as he hasn’t been on since three days after he posted but others might be able help you out with Evans experiences.

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Hello all,
I realize I am joining this late, but I am looking to buy a Pinnacle bike also. My Lithium got stolen a few weeks ago much to my annoyance. I went to Evans yesterday in Clapham and the guy in the shop said there is a real backlog still. But I do see a Neon on their website. Did you end up buying one JonGapes? This is my first post here so apologies if I am not formatting it correctly. I may buy a Neon if I can as I cannot seem to find the Lithium. Do any of you have any recent experience with the Evans scheme? This is the only company that mine works with so am constrained. But I have heard some horror stories of orders just being cancelled after several months.
I greatly appreciate any thoughts.
Best regards.
There used to be a wide range of Neons and Lithiums.

They were sensible spec flat bar bikes with rigid forks, realistic gearing, good tyre clearance, and loads of bosses for mounting stuff.

I suspect Covid supply problems have all but finished them off.

Evans may also be trying to refresh the range, which is something they do quite often.

All you can do is what you have done - call into an Evans and listen to what they say.

Several other makers have similar spec bikes in their ranges, such as Trek and Cannondale, but you may face the same supply problems.


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I understand the pain with Evans and R2W.
They have experienced a severe lack of bikes this year, for obvious reasons.....but the takeover by SD hasn’t helped them: their website has gone to sh*t, their corporate care folk....simply don’t!
I got a voucher in April, finally found a bike to order - said the delivery would be November.....then found someone there who *did* care and who suggested just finding stock or he could refund the voucher.
I know I am not alone: our company is looking at using a different partner from next year due to the number of failures to deliver.
As it happens, I saw some 2021 models came in last week, picked a Specialized in my size and have ordered - I can see my size has disappeared now, so hoping the store sorted the order out & it will be mine soon!

Oh, & yes the Pinnacles look to be very good original order was a Cobalt....


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Evans C2W aren’t great, a friend of mine waited months for his Trek last year, so long before Covid. In the end, they couldn’t get the bike he wanted in his size (Trek 7.3fx disc) and he ended up with a front suspension hybrid. He’s more than happy with it but i think he waited about 4 months from the initial order and was messed around a lot!

Could you just buy a much cheaper used bike, checking carefully that it’s not stolen of course!


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I bought a second hand Lithium a couple of years ago, only because I wanted a hybrid bike with disc brakes and aaw one well priced.

I'm glad I got the Lithium over the Neon (which is what I really wanted). It is a little heavier, but if you want to go quick on the road, get a road or gravel bike.

However, stick on some off road tyres and you can still do some light off roading - something I wouldn't have thought of if I had bought a Neon.

Good value practical bikes. I cannot see either available on the Evans site, so would look for a decent second hand one.


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Thanks so much for all the advice guys. After spending a few weeks looking at the Evans situation, I've come to the conclusion that I am better off grabbing a bike now rather than going through with the ride-to-work scheme. So I actually found a lovely Forme hybrid today at my local. corner bike shop! I didn't even know the guy sold bikes, thought it was just repair. So I am very happily back in business! Thanks again!
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