Planet-X Kaffenback or Superlight

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by paulosoxo, 15 Jul 2007.

  1. paulosoxo

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    First of all, hello

    Hi there, I'm a MTBer at heart, who also enjoys riding a roadbike, I have a Carrera gryphon at the moment, which I converted from flat bars to drops, but now I'm fancying a change. I've quite fancied the planet-x kaffenback for a while, however, I've noticed that they're still doing the superlight, complete with carbon fork, for £199, and I'm torn between the two. I understand the kaffenback, is more of an all day cruiser, which is probably my style, and at 16 1/2 stone, I'm harldy a racer,

    Does anyone have any opinions on either framesets?
  2. twowheelsgood

    twowheelsgood Senior Member

    Zurich Switzerland
    Completely different beasts. I commute on a Kaffenback and I love it. I run it with guards but fairly sporty tyres, it's quick, I can cruise at 35kph on the flat pretty much indefinitely. Ironically, it's very much like the bike everyone had 30 years ago steel, drops and guards.

    However I don't think it would be a substantially different experience from your converted Gryphon. It'll handle a bit quicker with the shorter stay but won't be noticeably faster or lighter - tyres will make all the difference.

    Personally I'd keep your current bike as a "do it all" commuter/tourer and get the superlight for a real "roadie" experience if that's what you are after (you aren't entirely clear on this). You might also want to try a longer/lower stem on your current bike and some 23 or 25c tyres - if you aren't a racer then this might suit you fine and save some cash.

    Your weight shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure your rear wheel has 36spokes and double eyelets like an open pro. And naturally make sure your builder knows what he is doing.

    It all depends on what you want out of your new bike.
  3. OP

    paulosoxo New Member

    Cheers for your help
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