Planned dual commute tomorrow!

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Both I and Mrs SnG will be commuting tomorrow, the first ever dual cycle commute!
in opposite directions :ohmy:
I’m a little worried as Mrs SnG hasn’t ever done any puncture repairs or mechanical stuff on any of our bikes, although she does have slime inner tubes.
She (We) has ridden to Paris, and many other distance rides too, but always with me, and her commute is only 7 miles, mostly on quiet rural roads, cycle paths etc so I shouldn’t be overly worried, but I am a little.
The last half mile is on quite a fast road, but she is happy to do the whole section on her own.
Should I be worried??


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No. I'm sure she'll be fine. Enjoy your commutes.


She'll be fine. Mrs C also doesn't know how to fix a puncture and goes out periodically with friends on her bike, doesn't seem to concern her, I've offered to teach her how to fix a puncture but she's not interested. So far she's been fine :laugh:


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My wife can't fix a puncture. She's only had to take the bus home once and then pick up her bike with our van. I showed her how to replace the tube (i replace on the road and then repair at home), but she still doesn't know how to fix it on the road..
South East
Update please.

well, as you all advised, nothing to worry about!

Mrs SnG felt bursting with wellness on arrival at work, had no issues, and said the Wahoo breadcrumb really help confirm she was going in the right direction. She looked forward to her return journey all through the day. She had zero trouble on the fast road, it was quiet she said.
Her return was just as fantastic and she’s hoping to do at least 2 rides next week.
As for me, the 16 miles in was also fab, the return 16 miles had some strong winds, so was a lot slower than I hoped, but we have both really enjoyed commutes, and for me the leisure 46 on Monday was great too!
Mrs SnG weeks total was 30 miles, mine was 78.
Not bad eh..? :laugh:
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