Plans for the weekend?


It's a Beautiful day here. :rolleyes:

What you lot up to?

Plenty cycling? :rolleyes:

I've got a set of Encyclopaedia Brittanica to shift using peddle power (and a trailer) so I'll be knacked later.


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Er working! :rolleyes:

But being paid handsomely to sit and surf :rolleyes:
Been out and took some pics of my cycle and trailer (See elsewhere in CC) and now I'm working on some paperwork and reading/posting in/on here inbetween :rolleyes:


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I promised I'd clean my woman's bike and cook her dinner as recompense for having to sit through a rugby match on a saturday night. She's at work at the moment, so I'm putting these things off and surfing the net instead.


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Working today but I am off tomorrow so I am planning to attend my very first group cycle ride (if I can be bothered to get up early).


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Bourne End, UK
Leaving for France for the week and will be travelling there while the cup final is being played. :rolleyes: Staying about 30 miles from Ventoux and wont be able to cycle. :rolleyes:


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Colne, Lancs
Rugby. Reading. Club run tomorrow. Cinema to see Once tomorrow night. Perhaps some beer. Write something. Weep at the state of humanity. The usual.

Aint Skeered

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Just about to respray a transit pick-up, then hopefully an hour on the bike before it gets dark.
Sunday, working all day, and will hopefully be able to squeeze another ride in.


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Just got in from a 60 mile ride...I developed a bad pain in my lower back..possibly cold related. I did this ride on just one bowl of cornflakes and two water bottles...I hope I am rewarded in heaven...or better still now via weight loss!

I am about to eat somethoing then crash out on a sofa somewhere and watch the game tonight....oh...blast...I just remembered I have to walk the dog around the forest first.
Had the in laws staying last night and the other half buggered off to work this morning leaving me to entertain them with a hangover. My MIL is bonkers and just about bearable when one is sober and alert...
So then I went to the bank, and to the shops, and then for a short ride. Later I'm going to my training partners house as it is her 40th birthday, and riding again tomorrow. Apparently there will be rugby on TV but I'm only going to be half watching it...
Took wife and daughter shopping in the new Westfield this morning. Boutique - clothes shop - accessories shop - another boutique - another clothes shop - another accessories shop... I went to WH Smiths and bought a book!

Got home, light lunch then out for a steady 25-miler with a lovely snack break half way round on a sunny bench outside a village church. Those cerial/fruit bar things are actually quite nice in small quantities! :rolleyes:

Rugby tonight - possibility son is coming home from uni to watch it, but wouldn't blame him for staying to watch it with the uni crowd instead. I would imagine the student bar atmosphere will be something special! Mrs B and I have a bottle of red airing...

Early Sunday lunch tomorrow before packing daughter off to uni again. High likelihood of falling asleep late afternoon watching some million-year-old film on tele...



Been decluttering today,and yesterday,i couldnt believe the stuff we have collected over the years,gonna be a good few trips to the tip in the morning,oh and we are having the inlaws,and friends for dinner tomorrow too,in the newly decorated and decluttered kitchen.:biggrin:My god son is staying tonight,so it was an excuse to get pizza delivered for tea,when my love my life gets in from work later.:rolleyes:


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Laying a laminate floor and some more unpacking following the house move from hell. Looking like Tuesday will give me some bike time, thank god I have another week off work,a bit of a fettle to cure creak followed by a nice 30 miler or so along the coast and back via the lanes.


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Man flu here xx(:rolleyes::rolleyes::biggrin:

No, seriously, under the weather a bit with mild cold and sore throat.
Havnt done a thing all morning, took dog for a steady walk this afternoon and took the opportunity to tidy the garden and mow the lawn.

Question is, will i get a ride out tommorrow :biggrin:
today - went to the wetlands centre at barnes and took some pics with my new camera. tried to get up some enthusiasm for things as i have to call the dhss on monday to register as unemployed and start trawling through job ads.

tomorrow.. rewriting my cv, registering on various job sites... then again, might go for a nice walk or just stay in bed.

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