Plastic Scrotum

Chris S

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This morning a cyclist went past me with a plastic scrotum dangling from the back of his saddle. Does this have any significance or is it just the cycling equivalent of blue LEDs?


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No and yes.


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My OH has red coloured metal bumper nuts he brought back from the States years ago. He'd put them on one of his bikes if they weren't so damn heavy. Toying with the idea of putting them on the front door....


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Hopefully he wasn't having a wardrobe malfunction. Or maybe he had some of these.

Actually, I think it maybe a kind of secret symbol, that allows people to identify kindred spirits, even when riding/ driving behind them. This is because it really is hard in the modern, faceless world to know if the person in front is in fact, using a youth slang phrase, a douchebag.

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There are some things in life where it's hard to know what the appropriate response to something should be ....


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Some people have more money than sense.

I think it is an accessory I will not be running out to buy.

Imagine drafting behind him!!!

The guy/girl/redneck* obviously has a sense of humour, in a yank sense at least.

If you read the Q&A's they are reasonably amusing, and if I could make a living, (assuming that he/she/they is/are*), by selling something I dreamt up while on the lash with my mates, happy days :thumbsup:

*delete as appropriate ;)

PS: I won't be buying any myself either!
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