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I've just replaced my old Sunrace 9 speed 11-25 cassette with a Shimano HG50 9 speed 11-25 cassette. The Shimano appears to be a millimetre or so too small and there's play in the cassette up and down the hub like a spacer is needed before the cassette is put on.

The new cassette didn't come with any spacers and there are no spacers on the hub already. I don't know what to do now so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

My guess is I need a spacer of some kind but I don't know what and Google isn't helping.
You will need a spacer. They are cheap as chips, and readily available at any old bike shop. Pop the spacer on to the freehub, then the cassette, then torque the lockring up to 40Nm. That should do it.:thumbsup:
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