Please help - Which Boardman Frame is this? (and which BB?)


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Chuck that frame in the canal and nip to Stockport Decathlon and pick up a Triban 3, you'll be on the road the same day, not wasting hours of your life trying to get that thing rebuilt. We're more than half way through the year and the days will be getting shorter soon.

Have you even checked the size of the frame? How do you know it's right for you? Why was it thrown out by its previous owner anyway? Are you sure it's not cracked or damaged?


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I really don't want to rubbish the guys frame and put him off since it's great he is trying to get on the road, but I have to agree re. the frame.

It looks damaged to me, top tube is all dented, looks otherwise un-cared for and the bb looks all corroded, possibly a crash case that's then been left outside in all weather to rot then either chucked or the original owner decided to try make a few quid out of it?

I would be nervous of riding it at any sort of speed without having it checked over proper given the apparent condition. If that BB shell is badly corroded and gives way at speed or honking up a hill then your testicles will pop like rotten tomatoes!


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Globalti wants you to throw it in the canal so he can aquire another bike that way.. :whistle:

I have a comp road bike (not hybrid) and it came with a shimano cassette 12-25, carbon forks, truvative cranks.
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