Please please tape the Olympic Cycling for


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Hi folks, I'm pretty sure you can guess what event in the Olympics we've all been looking forward to. For me its the two days of Cycling especially as it goes through Putney and Kingston which are my areas in my case.
Unfortunately an unfortunate series of events have transpired to prevent from watching this in person or on telly. Such as family illness, etc etc.
I don't have the facility to record this, a vcr, so I was hoping very fervently that a very kind soul on here might tape it for me. It would be the absolute highlight of my entire life to be able to see this. Well apart from my twins of course.
I can afford to pay £50 + postage for doing this.
Not bad for switching on yer video.
So please and from the depths of my heart and soul thankyou.


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Are you sure it's not going to be on Iplayer. I think most Olympic stuff will be?


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I will be recording Saturday and Sunday (most of the day) but it's on a Topfield Hard Drive Recorder - I can get the files off onto PC and they could be played by VLC media player. Getting them onto DVD is tricky though !

This could be a backup solution though it's Best is if someone is able to DVD record it and then copy for DD ?

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I'll do it, we are checking the tv schedule now.
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