Pond pump + electrical fault......why didnt it kill the fish??


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Same reason that birds don't get electrocuted standing on power lines
I remember this from way back when (A levels).

Technically a large bird (thinking Eagle etc) could be electrocuted when trying to fly off after sitting on a power line.

When it spreads it's wings it will create a large enough Potential Difference between the tips to stop its heart/ electrocute it.

Obviously depends on the AC supply voltage.

Small birds can carry on regardless!.


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You take all be time you need. Don’t hertz yourself. I’m sure others will pylon if they think of anymore.


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Your pond liner will insulate the pump and water from the earth, meaning that the pump and pond water will be at the same potential. Same potential means no current flow so your fish can swim around happily. You on the other hand are at earth potential which is why sticking your hand in the water gives you a shock. At the very least, the pump needs to be on a RCD - it will detect a fault current going to earth and turn off the power. Better still would be to have a low voltage pump, 12 or 24 volts, which is run off an isolation transformer.
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