Possibly another convert to the magic of a Vintage bike

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I was in hospital yesterday having both a gastroscopy and colonoscopy and whilst lying there whilst the consultant wobbled away the tubes down inside of me searching for an answer to my problems, I was chatting away to one of the nurses who was looking after me........ as you do!

It turned out that she is into cycling in quite a big way and is doing quite a lot of long distance events where she shares a bike with her father..... she does one event and her Dad does the next. This is getting to her and she is spending an age looking for a suitable new bike to which I asked if she had considered going for a classic lightweight steel bike, to which she answered that she hadn't.

So I told her about the magic of riding a truly brilliant properly set up classic, the way they perform, the way they ride and how comfortable they can be........................ and she had never heard of CycleChat!!

And when I told her how inexpensive a truly brilliant bike can be, you could almost feel her excitement and general eagerness to start searching!


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After searching your colon looking for a vintage bike must have come as a welcome change.
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